Thursday, September 1, 2011

How'd I Do... August Goals

Well August didn't end up being as productive as I was hoping.  For the first half of the month I felt like I was trying to get sick so I spent most of my days just lounging around trying not to get sick.  And then life just got really busy.  It seems that life will never slow down again.  So let's recap here...

Homemaking -
Paint the toy room - Fail
Hang shelves in master bathroom - Fail
Organize the storage room - I did manage to get this done a couple of days ago.
Clean out the pantry - Fail
Finish decorating the living room - It's as done as it's gonna get for now.  

Cooking -
Try three new recipes - Done.  Stuffed Taco Shells, Chicken Enchilada Soup, Cheesy Chicken Lasagna.
Have a freezer cooking day - I didn't quite have a full day, but I stocked the freezer with ground beef, taco meat, sloppy joe mix and some meatballs.
Have a freezer "baking" day - Again not a full day, but I did make a large batch of some delicious chocolate chip banana bread.
Make a monthly menu using stuff we already have - Done.

Mothering -
Have more outdoor activities - I tried to play outside more with the munchkins, but this month has been so hot.  The munchkins haven't even wanted to play outside.
Take a daily walk - We walked everyday for the most part. :)  We did miss a couple days, but that's alright.

Creating -
Sew nursery curtains - Fail
Make shelves for master bathroom - Fail

Financing -
Stay in budget this month... eek, this will be hard - I went over a tiny bit, but just a tiny bit.

Enriching -
Blog three times a week - I did really good until the end of the month, but in all fairness there just hasn't really been anything to blog about the last week and a half.
Read a book - I actually read a couple of books and I started on another one.

Holy schmolly... I can't believe it's already September.  Where has this year gone!?!  Well, here we go...

Homemaking -
Paint toy room
Hang shelves in master bathroom

Cooking -
Try three new recipes
Organize online recipes
Organize/purge recipe box/binders

Mothering -
Patience... especially with a certain two year old
Take the munchkins camping
Take the munchkins to the aquarium
Do an art project with Cameron

Creating -
Start working on Ella and Cameron's Halloween costumes

Financing -
Plan my budget for the month... I have lots to fit in this month

Enriching -
Personal scripture study
Find some alone time each week
Go get pedi's with the girls

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