Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Desperate Need of Motivation

Okay friends, I'm in desperate need of some motivation.  I've got so many projects that "need" to get done before baby arrives in four months and tons of inspiration for all of these projects, but I'm lacking some serious motivation.  I'm just so tired all the time... and on top of all these projects I have the same old same old house chores to do as well, which are usually neglected as well these days.  All I really want to do is shop which is a huge problem.  Anywho, here are some of my "need" to get done projects and a little inspiration to go with them.
The Pantry

Since we all know that a new baby can't come home to a messy and unorganized pantry, this has made my "need" to do project list.  Aren't these pantries just gorgeous and oh so organized!?!

The Laundry Room
Since you spend so much of your life in this little room when you have small children and especially a new baby, I would really like to get our laundry room decorated and organized to fit our family's needs.

Master Bath

Our master bath is still in a constant state of disaster because I've done nothing with it since moving in over a year ago.  There is no organizational thingamagigers whatsoever in there.  There is only one small and ugly towel bar, which if it weren't for that we wouldn't even have a place to hang towels.  The paint color is this awful light victorian rose color (the previous owner really really liked pinks).  You have to watch your toes when you open the tiny vanity door because something is bound to jump out at them.  The list could go on and on, so this really needs to just be done already.

In addition to these big projects I've still got to get the nursery done (I have no idea what I want to do in there), the munchkins room needs finished (I say it like I've started), I would love to get the toy room done since I know it'll be a long winter all cooped up in the house with a new baby, I'm still trying to finish up the munchkins bathroom, and then in addition to all this canning season will be upon us soon and I've also got to get oodles of freezer meals made up in preparation for bringing this baby home and then we have the holidays on top of it all.  Yep, I definitely need to get my motivation back!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And the baby is...

The verdict is in.  Baby #3 is a Girl.  Yay!!!  We're so excited to add another little girl to our family.  Ella is really excited to have a baby sister and Cameron is totally indifferent to the whole situation.  I think we've decided on a name, but we'll see now that we know it's a girl.  I suppose I should get some energy and start working on the bedrooms now.  Ella and Cameron will share a room and the baby will get the nursery.  I'm nervous to put a new baby in with Ella.  The last thing I need in the middle of the night is two crying kids, so the baby gets her own room (I love being able to say "her" instead of "it").  So anyone that wants to come to my house and paint is more than welcome to. :)  Now that we know it's a girl, I need to start sorting through Ella's baby clothes to see what is salvageable or not, so Brittany I need to get those clothes back from you.  Thanks... and I would love to dig through Tessa's newborn clothes (cause hers were stinkin' adorable).  And then I'll know what I get to buy for baby girl.  I'm so excited to have another little girl; they are so much fun.

P.S. 80% of the people who took my baby pole guessed girl and almost everyone I talked to thought girl.  Kinda fun that so many people were right.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Baby... boy or girl???

I am so excited!  We have our ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday morning.  I'm super excited to find out what we're having this time around.  Since we already have one of each and I've been so busy with the munchkins, I haven't been as anxious this time to find out what we're having, but now that it's right around the corner, I'm getting really excited.  I have my suspicions, but who knows.  I guess we'll see Thursday morning as long as this little one cooperates.  What do you all think?  Any ideas?  Don't forget to vote.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Big "30"!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  We love you!  Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father.  You are a great provider for our family and you do such a good job of making sure we are taken care of.  I love that you look forward to coming home and playing with the munchkins.  I love that you are a great example to our children of what a good husband and father is.  I love that you are always willing to help others.  I love that you are a worthy priesthood holder.  I love so much about you and am so grateful to be married to someone as wonderful and kind as you.

Today is dear hubby's 30th birthday.  He seems to be okay with this, but oh it is making me feel kinda old (and I still have a few years).  Unfortunately, we don't really have any plans.  He's had to work late every night this week and I was hesitant to plan anything and then have him not make it for his own shindig.  For dinner we are having his favorite though... nachos.  These aren't just any nachos though, these nachos are the works.  Taco meat, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, salsa and avocados piled high on melted cheesy goodness.  Mmmm...  I love being married to some so easy to please.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Few Thrifty Finds

It's rare that I visit our thrift store because of the prices and usually it's just a lot of junk, but I will occasionally find something worth getting.  Today was one of those days.  I've really been in the mood lately to find some good deals and I'm finally getting some energy to get going on some home projects I've had on the back burner, so I've been stopping whenever I'm out and about but nothing has turned up until this morning.  I was thrilled with my finds and the prices weren't that bad either, especially for our DI.    

This great little bookcase was $10.  I know for some places that is a rip off, but like I said it was a great deal for our DI.  I love the shape and I have the perfect spot for it.  Now what color should I paint it?
The back is pressboard of course, but I still love the bead board grooves.
Yes, I bought a gun cabinet.  I do live in UT after all.  Do I plan on using it as a gun cabinet?  Oh heck no!  I have big plans for this baby.  You'll just have to wait and see what I have in store...
A lovely stained and disgusting red carpet.
My plastic salad tongs got left at a get together several years ago and I still haven't replace them, until now that is.  These gorgeous silver ones were a whole $1.
Look at the gorgeous detail.  I need to get out the silver polish now.
I've been wanting a blue mason jar forever, but can only find them at antique stores for $10 each.  This was .50 cents.
I thought these justice scales were kinda cool for my husbands bookshelf.  They go quite nice with his gavel.  Now I just need to figure out something for that hole.

My other great find this week was from Target.  Oh how I love you Target.

Isn't she pretty?  I've been looking for an end table for the front room since we moved in and just hadn't found anything until I was standing in line at Target and a woman in front of me had one of these and I saw it ring up at 19.98.  I of course quickly got out of line and just about ran to grab one.  I had seen these on clearance, but the sticker said 55.98 (which I was not going to pay).  I was so excited since it was originally $80.  It was also the last one, so you can imagine the happy dance I was doing when I got home and it went perfectly in its new home.  Now I just need to accessorize it.  That chest just isn't doing it.  A little too dark if you ask me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Munchkins Bathroom: Finally, Art Work...

Okay, I know I started thie munchkins bathroom way back in March and I've been a complete slacker because I started the project with gusto and then it just sort of petered out pretty quickly (finding out I was prego probably didn't help that).  Anyways, I started some art work for the bathroom since I knew I wasn't going to find something and if I did it would of course be out of my budget.  So I started and then realized that I really didn't have any of the paint colors I needed, so the project sat on the kitchen island for about a month and then it got shoved to the back of the craft closet moved to my craft closet.  Well yesterday I had to go to Hobby Lobby (so hard I know) and I actually remembered to see what paint colors I needed.  So this morning after breakfast I got to work and I have to say that I am thrilled with how they turned out.  They look so stinkin' cute next to the shower curtain.  Of course, the bathroom is still not done, but now I have some motivation again, so hopefully soon.  It's on the list of projects before baby arrives.
It only took about 20 minutes to do stripes on both canvas'.
I taped off each strip so I would actually have straight lines.
I sat on the bathroom stool for about 1/2 hour drawing these while staring at the shower curtain.
They are so adorable... Ella loved them.
Not too shabby :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Few Thoughts on the Munchkins Bedroom...

I thought I better jot down some ideas I've been kickin' around in my very absent-minded and forgetful brain concerning the soon to be Ella and Cameron bedroom.  I mentioned before how difficult it is to design a shared bedroom for a little boy and girl, but I think inspiration has finally struck.
Isn't this room gorgeous!?!  I love it and think it would work well for a boy and girl.  It's neutral enough, but I can still add some colors that represent both Ella and Cameron.  So here are my tentative plans for now:
- Paint walls a soothing neutral green (I think I've found the color I want to use)
- Make padded headboard for Ella Bella (we already have a white crib for Cameron)
- Sew white duvets for Ella and Cameron (should I add the brown stripe to the edges too???)
- Sew some toss pillows
- Rip out current closet "organizer" and install a new efficient closet organizer
- Find either a small three or four drawer chest or nightstand for the bedroom
- Add some accessories (rug?, pictures, lamp, mirror?, toss pillows)
- Make PB inspired book rack

These are the plans for now.  I guess we'll see how it goes once I actually start putting this plan into action.  I'm hoping to start this week, but we'll see what my energy levels look like.  
Any suggestions for me?  Am I missing something?  We have a toy room, so the bedroom is sort of off limits for toys, but we do read quite a few stories in bed, so something to hold books is a must.  The bedroom is tiny and barely has room for a twin bed, crib and small dresser or nightstand, so a bookshelf is really out and the closet organizer is essential.  I want to maximize the storage as much as possible though, so I'm leaning more toward a small dresser for blankets and such.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you've done with tight spaces.