Friday, January 22, 2010

The Hallway Revealed

Since moving into our home last May I've been working on changing all of the paint colors.  So far I've managed to paint both kids rooms, the guest bath and the main floor living areas which include the living room, the sitting room, the kitchen and dining room.  This last week I finally painted the upstairs hallway.  I'm so excited to show you the hallway.  I've been wanting to paint stripes somewhere for a long time and I decided that the hallway was the perfect place to do this.  It looks amazing!  I've got a few pictures hung up, but I still have more to hang so once I'm done with that I'll post more pics, but this is what I have so far.  Enjoy!

Wasn't the mauve color just lovely?!?

I really couldn't wait to get rid of it.

The only places left with mauve on the walls are the master bedroom and bathroom and I can't wait to paint those two rooms.  That project is currently in the works.

I love the stripes!!!

I love these pictures of my munchkins!


  1. It looks awesome Shanade! When we buy a house can I hire you to come decorate it?? LOL. I love the pics of the kids too. They are so adorable, just like their auntie :)

  2. That really does look amazing, can you please come to my house!?!

  3. Man, when I saw the "before" pictures with all the tape I was thinking... uh-oh... WHAT is she thinking? But it seriously looks AWESOME. You are so good, Shanade.

  4. What an awesome idea for stripes! We haven't blown up any of Georgie's pictures in awhile. I totally need to. Yours look great!

  5. love the hallway. A few quick questions though..I am by no means decorator and was curious if having a small hallway would look silly with stripes and the rest of the house different. Does it have to flow I guess is what I'm asking. stripes are fun I must say. Also, how wide did you make these and are they all the way down the wall. LOL..can you tell I have to blog to decorate. :)

    Thanks for sharing



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