Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Newest Family Member

So, yes, baby #4 is on the way and... 
It's a Boy!  
We're super excited and I'm just a little anxious to get out all of those cute baby boy clothes I've had packed away.  Ella is really excited to have another brother, Cameron is thrilled to finally get a brother and, well, Ashlynn has no clue what's going on, but I have a feeling it'll be a little rough for this mama's girl.  

Baby Boy (no clue on names yet) is due August 27th and since Cameron was a beginning of summer baby and this is an end of summer baby, I will get to do some shopping for baby clothes.  Those 3 month summer clothes just aren't going to work for this baby at Christmas time.  

We've also got our work cut out for us as far as bedroom arrangements go.  We've got three bedrooms upstairs and I usually prefer to keep the baby separate from the big kids, but the kids rooms are tiny and three kids in one tiny room will be tricky, doable, but tricky.  Plus it would be so cute to have a boys room and a girls room, but I'm not so sure that Cameron will cooperate with that plan.  He's kind of a noisy little guy and not so concerned with others sleeping.  I guess we'll see how things work out.

Now that we know the gender, I'm really anxious to start preparing for this baby.  Life has been so crazy busy since we found out we were expecting again that most days if it hadn't have been for sheer exhaustion I would have forgotten I was even preggers.  I'm excited to get going on some cute baby projects and the nursery and I'll be sure to share pics.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How'd I Do... March Goals

Obviously this is really late, but the last month has been insanely crazy.  The hubby was working some crazy hours that involved every Saturday and Sunday in March, I was helping to plan my little sisters wedding for this past weekend, and we had visitors galore.  Fortunately, life should be much calmer now that the wedding is over and all the guests have gone home.  Hubby's work schedule has returned to normal and I'm looking forward to having a real weekend again.  Unfortunately, I've gotten whatever the horrible virus/cold is that's currently going around.  I'm feeling a little better each day, but still pretty lousy.  So, let's take a late look at March...

March Goals:

Homemaking -
Clean and organize guest room
Prepare the house for several guests over the next month
Replace the toilet in the kiddos bathroom... yeah it hasn't worked in a year now - We were actually able to fix it, or so we thought.  It did start leaking again, but Andrew thinks he knows how to fix the leak.
Finish gathering items for 72-hour kits - I still have a few things to gather and I need to get ours done, but the kiddos are pretty much done.

Cooking -
Don't eat out more than once a week... usually not a problem, but lately we've eaten out way too much - Total FAIL, but only because the month was crazy.

Mothering -
Find ways to have the kids help clean more - Still working on this, but I've been trying to include them more and surprisingly they like it.  They really think it's fun to help clean the toilet with the toilet bowl wand.  Weirdos.

Creating -
Make wedding decorations for Caitlin's wedding - DONE
Sew skirts for girls - Fail.  No time for extra crafts last month.

Financing -
Let's just stay in budget this month

Enriching -
Read a book - Fail
Clean out magazines - Fail

Okay, so March wasn't so bad.  Let's see what April has in store:

Homemaking -
Organize storage room
Finish spring cleaning

Cooking -
Try three new recipes
Start sorting through recipes

Mothering -
Keep looking for ways to include the kids with the housework
Set up a chore chart

Creating -
Make some sort of art for entryway

Financing -
Stay in budget

Enriching -
Read a book