Monday, November 5, 2012

How'd I Do... October Goals

Okay, once again last month was crazy busy.  Which means that not a whole lot on this list got done.  So here is how I did for October:

Homemaking -
Finish the fall cleaning inside - Fail
Finish the fall cleanup outside - Fail
Clean out our closet and install new shelves - Fail

Cooking -
Can applesauce - Done
Dice onions and freeze - Fail
Dice red peppers and freeze - Done
Plan the menu and stick to it - Done
No eating out this month except for our date night - Done... I must say that we did awesome with this one.  We only ate out once last month for my birthday.

Mothering -
Help Ella practice her handwriting - Fail
Help Cameron remember how to spell his name - Fail
Practice patience with Ashlynn's screaming - Done
Continue to love on baby Evan - Done

Creating -
Make some fall clippies for my girls - I made one, but I want to make more.
Make kids Halloween costumes - Done

Financing -
Start Christmas shopping - Done

Enriching -
Finish reading my gardening books - Done
Start walking each day - Fail

November Goals:

Homemaking -
Finish fall cleaning inside
Finish fall cleaning outside
Install new shelves and rods in master closet
Finish pantry organization project

Cooking -
Plan a weekly menu
Make a loaf of bread
Make a list of favorite fall back recipes
Make five dozen cookies for cookie exchange

Mothering -
Make some holiday crafts with the kiddos
Plan out Elf on the Shelf ideas for December

Creating -
Make hair clippies for my girls

Financing -
Finish Christmas shopping

Enriching -
Night out with the girls
Cooking club with the girls

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