Monday, March 5, 2012

A Few Really Cute Munchkins

 This is what happens at 3:30 when naps don't happen.
 We actually got some snow here last week.  Ella loves it of course...
 Cameron isn't so sure of it.

 And now he hates it.  Poor guy fell in the snow and then while trying to fight his way out, his boot came off.  He was pretty cold and traumatized.  I had to run out and save him because he would only stand there and cry.
 This was on our way out to the grocery store this morning.  They were just so darn cute, I couldn't help but snap a few pics before we left.
 This little thing is following in her big sisters footsteps and has become quite the little bundle of sass.
 But how do you get mad at that face!?!
And this little man was hamming it up since he had on his new sunglasses.


  1. Cute kids. They're growing up!

  2. Such cuties. I kind of feel the same way about snow - I just stand there crying until Ryan comes and saves me. ;)


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