Monday, November 8, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

This last month we've just been so busy that we didn't really do much for Halloween.  We did however manage to eventually make it to the pumpkin patch with the kids.  Every time we planned on going, something happened that prevented us from going (i.e. Andrew worked late a couple nights, we all got a 24 hour bug, etc).  Anyways, we finally made it and of course the munchkins loved every minute of it.
Cameron knew what pumpkin he wanted as soon as we got there

This is the best I could get of the two of them... my little man won't hold still for anything

They had too much fun running around and looking at all the pumpkins

Ella couldn't make up her mind... she went through several pumpkins before deciding on the "one"

Ella managed to get Cameron to share his pumpkin for a few seconds at least

Silly Andrew

After the pumpkin patch we went home and had chocolate cake for my birthday.  I was actually sick on my birthday so we celebrated a day late.

Of course Cameron loved the cake

So stinkin' cute!

Of course Ella loved it as well... she is just a lot cleaner about it

We opted to keep it simple this year and only carve one pumpkin.  We actually started with this pumpkin, but once it was open we discovered a whole lotta nasty mold inside.  So Ella's pumpkin got carved instead.

He carried this pumpkin around for days... it was only after Halloween when he threw it on the ground for the umpteenth time that it finally cracked and I threw it away.

Oh my goodness!  Look at this little boy.  Where did my baby go!?!

They both had a lot of fun cleaning out the guts

Ella even made some "pumpkin cookies" for us

Ella really enjoyed the whole process.  Next year she can have her own pumpkin to carve.

She even got to help her daddy with the cutting

The Great Pumpkin... Good job munchkins!

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