Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer Vacation

Sorry that I haven't posted about our trip before now, but we've been really busy here at home and things aren't slowing down anytime soon.  So here is a quick recap of our trip.  We left on September 3rd and drove to Missoula where we stayed the night at a KOA Kamping Kabin.  The next day we drove to West Glacier and stayed there for four days.  While we were there we rode a Historic Red Bus along the Going to the Sun road up to Logan Pass and we got to see a cute little black bear cub.  I got to do a little shopping, which I have to say is so much more fun without little kids.  Oh well, I love my little munchkins regardless.  We also did a couple little walks one of which was on the "Trail of the Cedars".  I couldn't believe how beautiful it was up there.  On Monday night we drove to East Glacier and were met with some seriously strong winds and really cold weather.  Thank goodness for a cabin with a heater.  Tuesday we spent the day at Many Glacier Hotel and took a boat tour across Swiftcurrent Lake and Josephine Lake.  From there we hiked to Granell Lake and Hidden Falls.  It was about two miles roundtrip and a little longer than I would usually hike especially with two kids under two, but Andrew really wanted to and I finally gave in, but only with promises of a really nice dinner. :)  Anyways, on Wednesday we drove to Banff National Park in Canada.  We did get a little lost in Calgary which was an adventure, but once we found our way we were good to go.  We had a great time in Banff and could totally see going back there again.  It reminded us a lot of Park City. While we were there we did a little bit of shopping, hiking and we even rode a gondola that gave us an amazing view of the town.  We visited the Banff Springs Hotel, which is pretty much a castle and costs as much as a castle would, but it was so beautiful.  On Saturday we got really adventurous and decided to do the drive home in one day rather than breaking it up.  We left Banff at 7:30 am and seventeen hours later we arrived home safe and sound and totally exhausted.  The kids did amazingly well on the drive which we were extremely grateful for.  I think they knew we were going home as well.  Anyways, we had a great trip and would love to go back again someday.

Andrew and the munchkins at St. Ignatius Mission in Montana.

On a nice little walk in West Glacier... of course my "big" girl didn't want to hold my hand for a picture.

Lake McDonald

Me and my munchkins on the Red Bus Tour Ride.

The whole family at Logan Pass... it was pretty cool to stand on the Continental Divide.

Just one of the beautiful stops along the Going to the Sun Road.

Andrew and his little hikers next to a huge cedar tree.

Mr. Handsome and I on the gondola

Up at the top... this is where the gondola drops you off at.

My two boys.


  1. I'm glad you moved to blogger because now it will show me when you update. You guys are so adventurous taking your little munchkins on an awesome vacation. Sounds fun! That's awesome that they were good on the drive home for 17 hours. Sheesh!

  2. Oh good! I'm glad you came to Blogger because I'm too lazy to check blogs on my own! I need Blogger to TELL ME whe people update! Yay Shanade! And it looks REALLY good too! Where did you find this template, I want it.

  3. I love all the pictures! My favorite is that I recognize at least one thing on Cameron in every picture :)He is getting big by the way, and Ella is adorable as always.


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